Our Ales

About our ales

With our compass spinning between Belgium and the Pacific Northwest, we don’t brew specific styles . We do brew in directions that we, and we hope you, will enjoy. Generally leaning toward farmhouse style ales for inspiration, we brew seasonally and take our sweet time.   Available across Oregon at fine grocers, bottle shops, and restaurants, please check here, or on our facebook or instagram pages, to find out more about what we do and where to find our beer.


A dark saison for all seasons

Dens is a beautifully drinkable black ale that was brewed with dark barley malts, wheat, and a pinch of rye, fermented like a Saison, then cold conditioned.  No spices, no funky methods, this is a straight up dark farmhouse ale with many subtle notes to enjoy.


6.7% abv


Classic Super Saison

Avant is a classic, golden, strong Saison that is is brewed to be refreshingly crisp, yet savored slowly.  Brewed with barley varietals malted by Skagit Valley Malting in Washington State, hopped Oregon grown hops, and fermented with a blend of Saison yeasts. Viva la Saison!

9.2% abv


Robust farmhouse ale

Verse is an Abbey-inspired farmhouse ale featuring our favorite Belgian yeast.  Darker, yet just as eminently drinkable as its sunnier Saison cousins, you may want to call Verse a Saison Brune, or maybe a wayward Dubbel. You may want to drink it in a taller glass. Maybe you’ll have it with a riper cheese than usual. Regardless of the glassware and accompaniments you may choose, cheers.

7.2% abv


Barrel-aged, Flemish-inspired sour red ale

We are creatures of habit, most of them good ones—including our dedication to the sour red ales of Belgium. Prims is a Northwest re-interpretation of the classic Flemish red ale. Rich, tannic, and tart from a pinch of microbiological “magic,” each vintage will be different as our sweet (and sour) barrels age. We hope you enjoy them all.

7.6% abv


Barrel-aged, golden, sour ale

Mods is a blended blonde semi-sour ale fermented in a variety of mixed-culture barrels that are ever evolving, yet somehow always similar. From batch to batch, you will see changes as we blend to maximize the character of each unique barrel.  Batch 1 is a 100% barrel aged mixed culture sour blonde. Meant to be rich, bright, and striking a balance between tartness and depth, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed blending it. Prost!

8.1% abv


Barrel-aged sour ale with peaches

We unabashedly love sour peach ales—funky barrels, fresh bounty, fruity buoyancy… what’s not to like? With Peche, we took advantage of the beautiful crop of peaches grown on the Lively Organic Farm in Eugene, adding them to a tertiary tank of fresh barrel aged blonde sour ale. Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We only see peaches.

6.5% abv

Saison / Melee

Bright, hoppy, vivid

Melee is a spirited marriage between Saison and IPA, with a pinch of fun from the local bees. Suited for pairings, parties, and other playful occasions, Melee offers a diverse palate plenty to ponder. It highlights the hard work of Willamette Valley bees, and is hopped generously with Magnum, Cascade and Citra.  

7.1% abv

Saison / Forte

Mixed grain, golden, cellar worthy

Forte is where guile meets grist. As a strong golden Saison, Forte’s mixed grains, careful balance, and long maturation provide it with a classic Belgian character. Brewed to be drunk fresh or cellared in the dark, Forte is meant to be savored slowly (and sometimes shared).  Highlighting the beauty of organic pilsner malt paired with Salmon-Safe Cascade hops grown in the Willamette Valley.

9.0% abv


Barrel-aged, wild pale ale

Rippie was the first of our seasonally rotating hop-centric, barrel-aged, Brettanomyces finished farmhouse-ales. And while that sentence was a mouthful, the ale in the bottle is always a pleasant surprise. Rippie features a grist of organic pilsner and pale malts, along with a pinch of rye and wheat, and is hopped exclusively with Oregon-grown Cascade hops.  After primary fermentation, Rippie spent a while co-mingling in a fresh barrel with various strains of Brettanomyces before undergoing an additional fermentation in the bottle.

6.6% abv