4th Annual Bier Stein Invitational – and you’re invited too!

We’ll be pouring at the fine, fine Bier Stein on Saturday, June 1st. One of only two kegs of our Pinot Gris barrel aged sour blonde, Mods, along with the first keg of our next White IPA, de Lorean (a funky, hoppy, mixed grain Nordic farmhouse IPA – really). Fun ahead! Make your plans here: https://www.facebook.com/events/355157775351741/

New beers and happenings…

Tidings! We’ve been a bit mum on the internet for while, neck deep in the mash tun so to speak.  But no longer! It’s been a busy Spring, with new beers, new places to find our beers, and some fun events ahead. And with all of those happenings and the happenings to follow, we’re making a pledge to forgo some of the time spent whispering to barrels for the clickity clack of digital keys. So, look for more from the brewery soon! In the meantime, check out our new beers, now in 500ml bottles too!  Dens (a dark Saison for all seasons), Kriek (a cherry sweet & sour), Woods (bruxy barrel aged pale), and Avant (out with the new, in with the old – viva la super Saison!).    ur),