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our seasonal selection of ales
Bright, hoppy, vivid

Melee is a spirited marriage between Saison and IPA, with a pinch of fun from the local bees…

Mixed grain, golden, cellar worthy

Forte’s mixed grains, careful balance, and long maturation provide it with a classic Belgian character…

Barrel-aged, wild pale ale

Staves is a series of seasonally rotating hop-centric, barrel-aged, Brettanomyces finished farmhouse-ales…

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About Freehand Brewing

Freehand Brewing & Blending—informed by tradition, dedicated to the present, and inspired from one batch to the next.  Founded in 2018, we are a small, Saison-centric brewery that strongly emphasizes local, brews with the seasons, and barrel ages and blends as often as we can.