A Selection

of our seasonal ales
Classic Super Saison

A classic, golden, strong Saison that is brewed to be refreshingly crisp, yet savored slowly…  

A dark Saison for all seasons

A beautifully drinkable black ale that was brewed with dark barley malts, wheat, and a pinch of rye…

Belgian-style Blonde Ale w Gin Botanicals

Regatta is a bright and crisp Belgian style blonde ale, comprised of a grist of very light pilsner and wheat malts…


Hop forward mixed-grain Saison

With the grist of a Saison, and the hopping rate of an NW India Pale Ale, Melee offers a diverse palate plenty to ponder.

About Freehand Brewery

Freehand Brewery—informed by tradition, dedicated to the present, and inspired from one batch to the next.

With our compass spinning between Belgium and the Pacific Northwest, we don’t brew specific styles . We do brew in directions that we, and we hope you, will enjoy. Generally leaning toward farmhouse style ales for inspiration, we brew seasonally and take our sweet time.   Available across Oregon at fine grocers, bottle shops, and restaurants, please check here, or on our facebook or instagram pages, to find out more about what we do and where to find our beer.  

Our goal is to provide you with a creative new take on the diverse “farmhouse” approach to brewing and blending, using as many local and organic ingredients as we can.  Occasionally you’ll find us collaborating, foraging, partnering with local farmers and instigating to brew one-off creations as well.  

Tyrone Reitman and Natalie Reitman-White